Kamala Harris Invokes Leftist ‘Truth’ At Glamour Women of the Year Awards

November 13th, 2018 1:36 PM

The media loves to award celebrities and politicians for their “bravery” and “courage,” and more recently, their “truth.” Truth in doing what, exactly? Well, if you guessed “towing the leftist line on every single issue without any hint whatsoever of a deviation” then you’re right.

Enter California senator Kamala Harris, who delivered a speech at Glamour magazine’s 2018 Women of the Year awards alongside a pantheon of liberal women which included Hillary Clinton, Chrissy Teigen, the female March For Our Lives leaders, and others. Harris stressed that the nation is at an “inflection point” and that “... if we are going to deal with where we are in this inflection moment, we must speak all these truths” even in the face of “...powerful forces trying to sew hate and division among us.”

So what truths is she referring to? Well, Democratic party policies of course. She told the March For Our Lives activists in the crowd that they “speak the truth about gun violence” even though Harris’ own state experienced one of the worst mass shootings in its history last week despite its incredibly strict gun laws. It’s also highly ironic that Harris is lauding “truth” at all in light of the Kavanaugh confirmation circus: Her Twitter lament of “Make no mistake - this is about punishing women” with regard to Kavanaugh’s position on birth control was discredited but still repeated by Hillary Clinton even after mainstream fact checkers stopped ignoring it.

In closing, Harris remarked:

“... years from now, people are gonna look in our eyes … and they will ask us, 'Where were you at that inflection moment?' And what we're all going to be able to say is we were here together and we were fighting for the best of who we are.”

Right. It seems the majority of Americans would prefer politicians who don’t want to be remembered as people who mislead others to garner media attention or push ineffective policies under the guise of social justice.