Queen B for Beto: Beyonce Makes Late Endorsement in Texas

Long ago, Beyonce Knowles opened her breakup smash “Irreplaceable” with a chant: “To the left, to the left.” If that’s the political direction she’s hoping to move the Lone Star State with an endorsement of senatorial candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, it’s uncertain that a last-minute bundle of poses is going to achieve her desired effect.

BuzzFeed News reported that, three hours before polls are scheduled to close on Nov. 6, Beyonce uploaded a series of selfies to her Instagram, all of which feature her sporting a “BETO” baseball cap while posturing like a hyped up fan. Click here to see the original post.

Beyonce, who has not resided in Texas since her early life, accompanied her pictures with some voting encouragement: “We can’t voice our frustrations and complain about what’s wrong without voting and exercising our power to make it right. We need you.”

That’s right, kids. If you want to be a grown man or lady and still be brandishing “rock on” hand signs over Instagram, than you’d better vote how and when Beyonce tells you to.

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