Fox Derangement Syndrome? Lefties See Conspiracy In Early House Call For Democrats

At around 7 PM EST on Nov. 6, Fox News tweeted it’s projection that the Democrats were going to flip control of the US House of Representatives:

This was a prediction that several other news sources concurred in a little later, including CNN and NBC:

Additionally, this outcome had been forecasted by outlets and analysts many hours and days before voters even began setting foot inside polling places. Simply put, foreseeing blue control over the House was not something remotely contentious.

But some celebrities and other lefties opted to point to Fox News’ prediction -- and Fox’s prediction only -- as a “voter suppression” bogeyman. They argued that Fox was deliberately trying to discourage Democrats on the West Coast from voting by “calling” the races so early.

Rescue Me star Steve Pasquale tweeted his disgust:

Pasquale was joined by bestselling author and MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance:

And by veteran cartoon screenwriter (FarilyOdd Parents, Family Guy) Steve Marmel:

2018 Congressional CNN Celebrities Malcolm Nance

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