Debra Messing Wants to ‘BURN the Constitution’ If Trump Doesn't Go To Jail

November 23rd, 2020 3:30 PM

The thought of President Trump being allowed to leave office peacefully and not being bound, jailed or tortured for his policies while in office filled Debra Messing with rage over the weekend, enough to get her to make insane and dangerous pleas, like a call to “burn the constitution.” 

The Will & Grace star showcased a visceral reaction to a rare call to unity from lefties to conservatives. On November 22, NBC Think published an op-ed by Michael Conway on how Biden could seek healing between America’s political factions by pardoning Donald Trump after he leaves office.

Pardon Trump? For what, tweeting harsh things, establishing border security, calling CNN “fake news?” Who knows? But it was a nice sentiment, at least compared to all the leftist calls for revenge and the making of lists of Trump sycophants since Biden’s apparent “victory.” The Twitter headline for the article stated, “Michael Conway: If President-elect Joe Biden hopes to fulfill his pledge to unify the nation, he should do the unthinkable and pardon Donald Trump.”

But good ol’ Debbie’s anger would not allow for the president’s pardon or for his supporters to not be harassed at every turn. For her the concept was “unthinkable.” The actress began her rage-filled tweet with a very eloquent “NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO.” Oh, seems like she has a strong stance on this concept of political unity. 

The enraged sitcom actress, who’s far and away more activist than entertainer these days, explained her outburst, saying, “That would be the WORST thing he could do for the future of this country. There MUST be accountability for crimes, abuses of power, and attempts to subvert our democracy.”

No question about it, Messing is not about to live with Trump and his supporters walking around freely, enjoying life in their MAGA hats, making fun of her melodramatic tweets, etc. After all, they made sure the radical progressive values she and her Hollywood friends spouted weren’t blindly tolerated in all corners of the media and that’s the rub. 

Of course, they can talk about Trump's criminality all they want but really, they had to lie about Russian conspiracies and blame Joe Biden’s corruption on the current president in order to derail him. 

Messing then decided to say her craziest line yet and say that the constitution should be destroyed if Trump is pardoned. She concluded her tweet with, “If he is pardoned, then BURN the Constitution.”

Oh that’s nice. Let’s drive a stake through the very heart of the country because we hate Trump so much. Though let’s not act as if this is Messing being pushed to her absolute limits. Her and her leftist friends don’t admire the constitution all that much anyway. If they win a majority in the Senate in the coming months, we’ll all see just how quick they’ll be to dismantle the constitution regardless of whether Trump’s in jail or not.