Last Ditch Hollywood Appeal: Celebs Are ‘Begging’ For You To Be the ‘Heroes,’ Vote Biden

November 2nd, 2020 2:24 PM

Look, the left is so damn sure they’ve got Biden’s election in the bag, that they’re “begging” you to donate to his campaign and vote for him on November 3. Sure seems like confidence. 

Only a day prior to what many consider the most “important election in the history of our country,” Hollywood is going all out to secure victory. Ariana Grande, Michael Keaton, Don Cheadle are literally “begging” people to vote for the basement candidate and his coalition of America-haters. 

Pop star Ariana Grande tweeted like confidence and peace of mind were part of her morning meditation routine. Just kidding, the “Thank U, Next” singer tweeted desperately, saying that “the race is close” in swing state Florida, and demanding that folks vote and “reach out to other voters in Florida please. it could make all the difference.”

In that same thread, the pop star shared a Joe Biden’s post that read, “1 day. Let’s win this thing.” She commented on the post with one word: “begging.” Well you certainly have to beg to get Biden across the finish line in any fair fight.

From one old white man to another, 80s Batman star Michael Keaton poured on the emotional BS for his friend Joe. Donning a Biden campaign hat and a red neckerchief, Keaton claimed in a video, “It’s come down to us. We get the chance to be the hero right now.” Yep, Trump is the Joker and the nearly 69 year-old man with, presumably, a DNC mandate to endorse the creaky, sloppy Joe, is Batman. 

He urged that Americans vote, not only to do it for “Joe and Kamala” but for “your little brother, your little sister. Do it for the next generation. Do it for the environment. For justice. For equality. And just to end this insane chaos.” 



Ironic that Batman is now speaking for the people holding the hostages. Remember the violent riots all summer over conspiracies about police? Yeah, it ain’t Trump throwing the tantrum. Keaton and the DNC are so desperate, their tagline sounds more like, “Vote Joe, or else.”

Usually brash and tough talking Hotel Rwanda star Don Cheadle indicated that he would be spending election night in a state of heightened anxiety. Retweeting a post asking what food people would be eating for election night, Cheadle replied, saying, “fingernails.” 

Uh oh. Sounds like Nov. 3 is going to be a tense night in these smug entertainers’ households.