‘We Gon’ Get Jumped’: Cardi B LOSES IT on Peaceful Trump Supporters in L.A.

October 27th, 2020 6:49 PM

Cardi B has had it with people out in the streets touting their political ideology. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. The stripper-turned-rapper hasn’t decided to denounce Antifa, but has spoken out against Trump supporters getting their MAGA all over her peaceful, Democrat streets of L.A.

That’s right, the tough rapper from the Bronx couldn’t handle California-native Trump supporters exercising their first amendment rights in her neck of the woods. Ironic considering she says Trump supporters bring the “prejudice.”

As Cardi B drove through Beverly Hills on October 24, she turned onto a street crowded with Trump supporters. Immediately, B launched into hysterical social media commentary via Instagram, live streaming herself screaming and saying she is “feeling like we gon’ get jumped.”

“Trump supporters are everywhere,” the “Bodak Yellow” rapper lamented on video, scanning the busy L.A. intersection which was occupied by several large trucks with Trump flags and people walking around in MAGA hats. 

Of course, B, a proud Bernie supporter and current Biden campaign surrogate would have you believe that Trump is inciting a race war, which is ironic considering she was filming Trump supporters as if they were zoo animals and ascribing evil intentions toward them.

As footage showed two Trumpers with NERF guns walking by her car minding their own business, B uttered, “Look at this, LOOK at this! Look how they walkin’ around! With fake guns and covering they fuckin’ faces.”

Yeah, Trump supporters are the only xenophobes, right? 

Again, just a couple months ago, Cardi B was telling Joe Biden in an interview that “prejudice is dangerous. It could be the start of a civil war.” Well, then Miss B better get herself together, because she was the paranoid one in this situation. 

She told Biden that prejudice “makes people feel uncomfortable around different people.” Well, clearly, Miss B is one who doesn’t seem too used to diversity. 

Strangely enough, Cardi’s husband, rapper Offset, and her cousin were detained by police after their own run in with Trump supporters. 

Forbes reported on October 25 that police detained Offset for questioning after an eyewitness claimed that someone from inside his vehicle “brandished a gun toward supporters at a Trump rally.” Offset was let go after questioning but Cardi B’s cousin, Marcelo Almanzar – who was in the car with Offset – was arrested for “carrying a loaded, concealed firearm in a public place,” the police reported. 

To be clear, however, People.com claimed, “It does not appear that Cardi B was in the vehicle with Offset at the time of his arrest.”

Thankfully Cardi B avoided any real trouble, but perhaps her family might want to stay away from Trump rallies. They seem to elicit some strong reactions from her crew.