Louis-Dreyfus Short Circuits For Joe: Vote Biden Or ‘Octopuses’ Will Be ‘Stuck In Trees’

July 24th, 2020 3:37 PM

Look, we all know a Joe Biden fundraiser is the lamest ticket in town. Who wants to see, or spend money for that matter, on the most boring candidate in recent history as he meanders through a speech one sentence at a time? Combine that dismal event with an appearance from loony actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and you’ve got one trainwreck involving speeches about “octopuses” getting “stuck in trees.” 

Yeah this is the state of the Democratic party in 2020.

To explain, Louis-Dreyfus, the actress behind Seinfeld’s Elaine and the female Vice president in HBO’s Veep made a speech during one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s latest fundraising events during which she blasted President Trump for having the worst environmental policies EVER! Yeah, we all know how it is. 

Speaking to “655 donors and supporters” at the virtual event, the actress brought out true Democrat crowd pleasers like “Orange Man Bad” of course, and downright cringeworthy environmental talking points. 

Louis-Dreyfus riffed on how it took a team of HBO writers “tried to think of the stupidest, weakest environmental gesture that my idiot character could possibly make, so that she wouldn’t offend the fossil fuel industry.” 

They came up with “a program to have plastic cutlery in the Capitol replaced with recyclable utensils,” and the actress’ punchline was, “But that’s actually more than Trump has done for the environment in four years.” Oh ouch. Though aren’t all the “environmentally conscious” companies who tried to push plastic straws on us the real brunt of that joke. 

Either way, Dreyfus added, “Talk about pathetic, he’s actually worse than a fictional president with a team of professional writers working 24/7 to make her as bad as possible.” Oh, what a savage burn. It reminds us of a fictional Veep promo Louis-Dreyfus’ character did with the actual Joe Biden in 2014. They snuck into Washington Post HQ and altered headlines to make Joe Biden look better, like one fictional headline congratulating Joe Biden for adding millions of jobs to the U.S. economy. Too bad that’s not a fictional headline for a certain current U.S. president.

Though the hits kept coming. The Seinfeld star remarked on a prior joke Biden made asking Selina Kyle to be his VP candidate, saying, “ I realized, this is America. We can’t make a totally unqualified, ill-equipped TV personality vice president. No, no, in this country we make him president.” 

Though the biggest hit of the evening was Louis-Dreyfus’ hit on herself, where she – according to a press pool manuscript tweeted by Washington Examiner’s Joe Gabriel Simonson – said something really stupid. Continuing with her environmental shtick, she opined that environmental issues are like a “great octopus” because its tentacles are found in every Democratic policy issue, like “racial justice,” “health care” and “social justice.”

In the same way she also called environmentalism a “tree trunk.” The dumbest portion of that thought was when she concluded with the joke, “So it’s like an octopus and a tree and if we don’t act soon all the octopuses will be stuck in the trees because of rising sea levels.” Oh man, and this kind of commentary is supposed to be earning Biden’s campaign millions of dollars? Looks like the fictional VP and real one are colluding in the gaffe department.