Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander, Others Say Trump Putting ‘Loved Ones’ in Danger

March 24th, 2020 5:19 PM

For Hollywood, Trump’s talk of opening American businesses back up soon so that quarantine doesn’t completely derail the lives of millions amounts to him condemning Americans to death.

Celebrities like Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) should be able to understand that a nine-month quarantine would harm the U.S. more than coronavirus ever could, but acknowledging that would make it harder to insinuate that the President’s a danger to “your loved ones.”

Also, we secretly wonder if many of these far lefties would love to see the American free market die and rise into something a little more socialist. We see you, too, John Cusack, you commie moron.

Alexander, famous for playing George Costanza on the legendary sitcom, had quite the melodramatic response to Trump expressing interest in allowing some of the American business sector to get back online. Alexander tweeted, “There has never been a good reason to listen to or respect anything this man says. But this would be the worst time to start. Please, aid your social distancing by keeping him and his mouth as far from you and your loved ones as possible.”

Star of TV sitcom Perfect Harmony Bradley Whitford went Nuclear with his two-word response to Trump’s hopes for a reopened economy by Easter 2020. The usually-deranged actor tweeted, “SAVE LIVES. IGNORE TRUMP.” Mr. Whitford, if you want to ignore Trump and quarantine for two years, we’re not going to protest, honestly.

Bernie bro John Cusack tweeted, “Justice comming [sic] - Attention must be paid - lives for profits” because you know, completely shutting down the free market and American business is the only healthy and life-saving alternative. Later, Cusack tweeted, “We can’t survive in the world with batshit rigged for rich capitalism- Un survivable.” Clearly, Cusack would like business canned for other reasons.

And who doesn’t take Canadian rocker Neil Young’s BS seriously? The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Famer lashed out at Trump’s optimism in a statement released on the Neil Young Archives website. In it, the musician claimed, “This could have been avoided with real leadership in the White House. Thousands of lives will be lost because of this inept handling of the virus by the president.” Oh, sure. Thank you, Neil.

Young also blamed the president for the phenomenon of irresponsible spring breakers exposing themselves to the virus. He stated, “Kids returning from a Spring Break that never should have happened will have an unwelcome visitor with them – The Virus. It will spread around America as the kids return home.”

He explained, “This could have been avoided with real leadership in the White House.” Uh, OK? A bunch of entitled teens ignoring presidential/CDC recommendations and local authorities not closing the beaches is Trump’s fault? Of course! To these famous birdbrains, everything bad in the world is on Trump.