Humiliated! Ivanka Trump Completely Ignores Annoying Acosta on Impeachment

January 21st, 2020 6:48 PM

Like father like daughter. Ivanka Trump knows how to handle obnoxious CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

The eldest daughter of President Donald Trump and wife to Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner showed how to put the pushy journalist in his place. Like any self-respecting Trump, Ivanka completely ignored him.

The diss took place during her January 21 trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum where she was traveling with her father.

The Trumps’ agenda included grinning and gripping with global business leaders and touting the president’s economic successes in America. Then the journalist with a reputation for getting banned from the White House press pool entered the picture.

Acosta felt the need to ask Ivanka about the Senate Impeachment trial happening 4,000 miles away in Washington.

A video tweeted by Daily Caller video columnist Stephanie Hamill featured the journalist's chilly reception from Ivanka, who proceeded to ignore Acosta’s impeachment questions altogether.

Acosta had approached as Ivanka as she descended a flight of stairs at the Forum’s event center and held the microphone up to her. He asked, “Your father’s impeachment trial, what are your thoughts?” Ivanka continued walking as if Acosta wasn’t even there.

He tried once more: “Any comments on your father’s impeachment trial?” but no dice. Trump and her entourage gracefully pushed past him.



Of course, Acosta retweeted CNN’s footage of the encounter, commenting, “Ivanka Trump declines to comment to @CNN on her father’s impeachment trial as it gets underway,” though Daily Caller’s appraisal of the situation was more evocative.

The outlet provided its own caption to the video which read, “Watch Ivanka Trump completely diss up Jim Acosta in Davos.”

Though CNN staffers may clutch their pearls at Acosta’s treatment, most viewers won’t. Acosta has earned a reputation for being a nuisance during many question-and-answer segments with President Trump, often eliciting actual rebukes from the world leader as the journalist would try to get a word in edgewise or be pushy with an agenda.

In November 2018, Acosta had his White House Press pass revoked for his outburst and refusal to give up the microphone. It was eventually restored.



At any rate, Ivanka may have handled Acosta the best way possible without causing a scene. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about his sister’s interaction with the correspondent at Davos, stating, “Why should she give a comment to one of the most dishonest reporters in all of Washington???” It seems all the Trumps are on the same page when it comes to dealing with CNN’s chief White House pest.