On Broadway, Hillary Gets Standing Ovation

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton showed up to a Broadway performance of Hello Dolly! and was given a rather warm welcome. Bette Midler, one the production’s stars, claimed that Clinton’s appearance made everyone in attendance “unbelievably happy.”

Clearly, this is a far cry from treatment given to conservative theater goers, who lately have been derided and mocked. Remember Vice President Mike Pence at that Hamilton showing?

Either way, Hollywood, or Broadway (there’s really no difference here) have had no qualms about showing their political bias. Huffpo wrote all about the enthralling experience, couching it as a night where all of entertainment media’s cronies got to put on a show for their progressive idol.

On Thursday night, the stars had all aligned. Clinton arrived, and even took the opportunity to go backstage to tell everyone to vote democrat this upcoming November. “Tell you friends to tell your families and friends in every state to register,” she told the throng of her adoring psychofants, adding that they should “make sure they have not been purged from the rolls before they get there to cast their ballot.”

Unhinged liberal Bette Midler was clearly the biggest fan of Clinton’s appearance. Via social media, the actress recounted the political cameo as if she was one of those ecstatic 17-year-old girls at a Beatles or Elvis concert. She gushed on Twitter, “#HILLARYCLINTON CAME TO HELLODOLLY TONIGHT!! What a thrill! The crowd stood, clapped, and chanted her name until the lights went down. It made us all unbelievably happy to see her…”

Pretty over-the-top adulation for someone who crashed and burned in a major election. But everybody’s clinging to pipe dreams of what could have been. Hillary needs that ego-boost or participation trophy -- who better to get it from than the rich, sophisticated, artist types of the liberal media.

At the very least, it must have felt good. The air of celebrity delusion surrounding the event was pervasive, to say the least. Midler took to Instagram to immortalize a picture of her and the failed candidate, adding a caption calling, “it a night for the ages!” She also thanked the candidate for her shameless voting plug, stating, “Thank you, HRC for your kind words about the show, and your wisdom.”

Several other social media posts about Clinton’s appearance included the hashtag phrase, “#imwither” and “#nothingbutrespectformypresident.” Geez, are we really not past this point yet?

Maybe Trump-derangement syndrome is an actual mental health issue ....


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