Border Bedlam: Lefties Come Unhinged on Twitter

The Trump administration’s enforcement of existing U.S. immigration law has driven the left into a frenzy. Accusations against the president and immigration law supporters run the gamut from labeling them as horrible child abusers and family destroyers, to calling them Hitler and the gestapo, throwing innocents into third reich-era internment camps.

Of course, Twitter is one of the major battlefields where these lamentations and conspiracy theories are propagating, pushed forth by liberal media figures and the lefty whackos from Hollywood.

Hollyweirdo Rob Reiner shared his outrage for the cries of displaced children, calling President Trump a “monster” and insinuating that the very fascism that America fought in World War II has come home to roost. All this, because the US has decided to enforce its established immigration laws.

He tweeted, “The President of the United States is a monster. Decent loving Republicans must now stand up. America can not be a country that approves of traumatizing children. Americans did not spill their blood in WW2 to defeat fascism only to allow it to take root now.”

Bette Midler also asked, “What do you call a country that institutionalizes child’s abuse?” She followed up with, “Sadly, now we call this country the United States of America.”

Midler also took aim at Laura Ingraham assertion that the children’s housing facilities were more like “summer camps.” She tweeted, “What camps are she referring to? Buchenwald? How about Dachau?”

Well, since they fall under Trump’s authority, the camps must be reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, right?

Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead also sought to inspire dread and panic by stating that the Trump administration is throwing infants in “baby prisons.” She tweeted, “First caging children, now baby prisons.” She then added, “If you are STILL defending this in ANY way, you are a seeping sewage flesh bot. A bottomless pit of useless carbon who gleefully defends child abuse.”

Jessica Valenti, a “feminist author” and columnist for the U.S. version of The Guardian, provided a link to her feed for a video of DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen being harassed by social justice warriors while she was at a restaurant in DC.

Valenti piled on to Nielsen’s harassment by tweeting that it was “VERY satisfying to watch,” and that “she should never be able to show her face in public again.”

Soledad O’Brien also jumped in on the Nazi comparisons, declaring outright that America had become the WWII era Germany. The CEO of Starfish Media tweeted, “Welp, I guess we’ve put to rest the question: ‘Nazi Germany: Could it happen here in America?’”

Someone fired back at O’Brien, pointing out the clear lack of Stormtroopers and Gestapo officers rounding up citizens in the streets. O’Brien, rather than admit her lack of common sense, split hairs to weasel out.

“'Could it happen here' vs 'is it happening here'. Learn to read. Blessings!”

Comedian Patton Oswalt also shared an acerbic message on Twitter, doubling down in his self-righteousness against followers who were urging him to stick to comedy. Oswalt tweeted, “Sorry #MAGA dipshits in my timeline, seemingly upset that I’m not 'sticking to the comedy' they apparently so love and crave from me, but there’s babies in cages. And a bloated goblin-President who put them there.”

To say that these reactions are ridiculous would be an understatement. To say that the U.S. resembles the third reich because there are now uncomfortable consequences for violating border laws is reckless, and the definition of liberal insanity. This is the worst of leftist outrage culture, one that would rather undermine American sovereignty in order to stick it to the current president.

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