Liberals Hate Rebooted ‘Roseanne’ Show; She Doesn’t ‘Give a F**k’

May 1st, 2018 2:36 PM

Yes, liberal America can’t stand Roseanne. The mere existence of a different political viewpoint  on popular television offends them. Some are freaking out that the half of the nation that voted for the president of the United States is being normalized. The horror!

Roseanne Barr, everybody’s (well, not liberals) favorite sitcom mom, made a return to late night on Monday to let Trump haters know that she couldn’t care less about how they feel about her support for the current president.

Jimmy Fallon invited Barr to appear on his late show to congratulate about her stellar ratings. Kudos to Fallon.

Fallon mentioned that the reboot’s first episode drew 20 million viewers, to which the scrappy ABC star shot back, “Um, 27 million.” Barr mentioned that the viewer response was “so awesome,” and when asked if it was expected, she told Jimmy “I never have expectations. I just have hopes, and I was blown away.”

“I think people just identify with the family, and they missed ‘em.” She said. Barr seems to have a great pop-culture radar going, because bringing her middle class American family back, with a flavor of Trumpism, has made a killing in the primetime TV ratings.

Speaking of Trump, Fallon asked Roseanne about the anger she has inspired with her character’s support for the president. He stated, “But then also with a big hit comes people that aren’t so happy as well. If you say you’re a supporter of Donald Trump ...” Roseanne interjected, stating, “Well yeah, people are mad about that.” What she said next was hardly surprising.

“But you know, I don’t give a f--k.”

What was surprising was that the crowd applauded and cheered the comment. She went on to explain it to Fallon and the audience, that promoting different views should be a no-brainer in this country. “Well everybody has to choose for themselves, according to their own conscience, who they thought was the lesser of two evils. You know, everybody chose that so I’m not gonna put anybody down who didn’t vote like me.”

“This is America. It’s a free country,” she added.