Fragile Comedian Files Restraining Order Against Trump, Afraid of 'Nuclear War'

How’s this for a career enhancing PR stunt? Stand up comedian Maria Bamford says she’s really unsettled by the Trump Administration’s foreign policy as of late, so much so that she has filed a restraining order against the president himself.

TMZ reported that Bamford, star of Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, has filed legal documents for a restraining order against Donald Trump, requiring him to stay one thousand feet away from her. Not like she is going to have an issue, so long as she stays off the White House lawn and keeps away from the President’s Mar-a-Lago estate. But you know, Trump Trauma is always trending in media circles these days, so it pays to be sensitive.

The fragile comedienne cited Donald Trump’s heated rhetoric with North Korea, claiming that her legal precedent stems from her paranoia of an imminent Nuclear war. If she was really that concerned with World War III, wouldn’t she be seeking a shuttle off-planet or something, instead of merely staying several football fields away from the leader of the free world?

Bamford also mentioned that she was greatly unnerved by Trump’s tweet that gun activists know how to deal with failed-candidate Hillary Clinton. But this is all old news. And to absolutely no one’s surprise, Bamford revealed that she is just trying to keep the selective political outrage fresh for her upcoming comedy tour, which starts on Tuesday.

What can you say to someone dedicated enough to file an actual restraining order against the president of the United States for the sake of pimping a comedy special? Hey, it worked. We’ve now heard of you. And you hate Trump. Duly noted. Maybe the cool kids will let you sit with them in the cafeteria.

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