Olympics: Daily Beast Super-Psyched About Kim Jong's Sister

February 7th, 2018 3:33 PM

The world’s bloodiest, most ruthless dictator is sending his sister to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics this week, and Donald Kirk at the Daily Beast finds it, in a word, “charming.”

On Wednesday, Kirk made a fuss over the attendance of Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, characterizing her as some refreshing it girl, while at the same time throwing Pence and American diplomacy under the bus. Kirk squealed, “North Korea is stealing the thunder, if not the show, from the Americans at the Pyeongchang Olympics, with word that the charming younger sister of Kim Jong Un is arriving Friday.”

The psychotic dictator’s sister is “sure to become a luminary in the South Korean media.” So much more interesting than grumpy old U.S. Veep Mike Pence, who’s part of “the same old boring story -- more sanctions of questionable value in persuading Kim Jong Un to abandon his nuclear program.”

The “Vice Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department” is the first member of the Kim dynasty to have ever stepped foot in South Korea, and she will be there to cheer on the athletes from her nation. Kirk says this makes Pence’s “pugnacious words,” “talking darkly of the need for North Korea to ‘once and for all abandon its nuclear weapon program,’” seem “out of sync” with North Korea’s soft tenor bid “to win hearts and minds in South Korea.”

President Moon Jae-In is hopeful that the Olympics can be a way to open communication between North and South, however Pence’s “tough words” have put the president in a difficult position between leftists, who want peaceful reconciliation with Kim Jong Un, and right wingers, who seek America’s support in an aggressive stance against the North.

In the meantime, those war-loving Americans are rattling their sabers, “planning annual war games that always inspire torrents of rhetoric from North Korea.” They will include “B1 bombers based in Guam that have flown periodically just below the North-South line in an obvious effort to intimidate the North Koreans.”



Of course, Donald Kirk mentions that the conservatives in South Korea have been “embarrassing” for the entire nation. Their enthusiastic “waving of South Korean and American flags” and harsh words about North Koreans, often those who show up for athletic or cultural events, apparently seem to be liabilities for the imminent peace. Yeah, right.

It seems like they don’t call Kim Yo Jong the Vice Director of Propaganda and Agitation for nothing. She seems to have duped several libs out there.