Liberal Media Gawk at 'Horror' of Duggars' 20th Pregnancy

November 15th, 2011 6:48 PM

The TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" chronicles the daily activities of a loving, responsible Arkansas family of two parents and 19 children navigating their way through life with large clan. But last week, when Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar announced they are expecting their 20th child in April, the media reaction was far from joyous.

They called it a "Horror." They suggested Michelle has a "uterus like a clown car." They warned the Duggers, "Don't test fate" with their "ever-expanding herd."

"We are a pro-choice country, and if Michelle Duggar wants to treat her uterus like a clown car that's her right," remarked celebrity gossip blogger Sonia Mansfield. "And to the people who are asking how the couple will be able to make ends meet if their reality show is ever canceled, don't fret: A couple with 20 children would make a fascinating episode of 'Hoarders.'"

Citing possible health risks to mother and baby, and the potential lack of emotional support for 20 children, The Witchita Falls, Texas Times Record News asked, "In the end, is it wise for the Duggars to have another baby just because they can?"

Some experts even pontificated on the state of Michelle Duggar's uterus at 45 and 19 kids later. "That uterus can't have any spring left in it!" said Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who then compared Mrs. Duggar's uterus to a water balloon on NBC's "Today" on Nov. 9.

The Hollywood Reporter said the Duggars were, "adding to their brood," as though the childrend were animals. THR also included comments from readers and tweeters. 'Disgusting. ' 'Insane.' 'Winner of the Uterus Olympics.'

But the Hollywood Reporter was one of the few outlets that gave a voice to those who support the Duggars.

"I think they are a wonderful family - they are doing a great job raising loving, responsible children - which the world needs more of to balance the mindless fatherless children of today who are destroying our society," said a supportive THR reader. "If more good parents had children this word [sic] would be in a better place."