New Show ‘Bordertown’ Already Resorts to Old Bush and Katrina Jokes

January 11th, 2016 12:59 AM

It’s been a nearly a decade since President George W. Bush left the oval office, but Seth MacFarlane is still telling the same, stale jokes. Apparently unaware that the 2008 elections happened, last night’s episode (titled "Borderwall") of the latest FOX animated comedy Bordertown stuck with a tried-and-true liberal trope: insulting the 43rd president.

Steve: Buckwald, you're late. Get out there; you're on foot patrol today.

Bud: I'm not going on foot patrol. That gay snake is out there.

Snake: Hiss.

Steve: Damn it, Buckwald, do your job, and no more excuses. I'd demote you, but you're already the lowest ranking government employee. If you got demoted again, you'd reset at the top and become president. The only one that's ever happened to is George W. Bush.

After getting fired from his border patrol post, Bud begins smuggling immigrants across the border through a tunnel in his basement. When his family wonders how he's making so much money, Bud convinces them he's working on a new jazz album.

Not content with just calling Bush more incompetent and idiotic than the fictional Buckwald, the show’s writers quickly dredged up the left’s favorite natural disaster: Hurricane Katrina. Channeling their best Kanye West, the Bordertown writers accused the government of steering this massive storm directly into New Orleans to drown jazz artists.

Bud: Welcome to America. You may ruin our country, but our country will ruin your children.

Janice: There you are, Bud. You’ve been in the basement all morning. What are you doing down there?

Bud: I’m uh, making a jazz album. From now on, no one is allowed to go down there.

Becky: A jazz album?

Sanford: Isn’t jazz why the government tried to drown New Orleans?

Barack Obama leaves office in 374 days. Maybe then, the networks will finally come up with some new material. Now THAT would be funny!