'Nashville' Recycles the Old 'Homophobe Turns Out to Be Gay' Trope (YAWN)

Remember that Bible-thumping country star, Wade Cole (Josh Coxx), who asserted that he couldn’t openly work with a gay songwriter because his bigoted fans would tune out? Last week, Cole wouldn’t meet Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) at his home because it might give advertisers and his fans the wrong impression. He was a leading voice for Prop 8, and his wife runs a pro-family, pro-traditional marriage charity.

This week fans learn that Wade Cole is a massive hypocrite who is ready to hook up with his muse as soon as his family heads out of town. (Cliché alert! As if we haven't seen this tired Hollywood trope of the closeted gay homophobe many times before on shows like Scandal, and Glee, or, most infamously, the film American Beauty.)

Cole: Sorry to keep you so late. When my family's out of town, I just lose all track of time.

Lexington: That's not a problem. I think we got some good stuff out of it.

Cole: Oh, yeah, me too. Hey, why don't I make up for the long day and put a couple steaks on the grill? Maybe we can catch the last half of that game.

Lexington: I would love that, but, um, a friend of mine's opening up his bar tonight. I-I got to go.

Cole: Yeah, of course. Maybe next time. Listen, Will, I just wanted to tell you that, uh, I really have enjoyed working with you, and I know I might've come off a bit judgmental early on, but, uh, truth is, I admire you. A lot.

Lexington: Whoa! Whoa! What the -- what the hell are you doing?!

Cole: Don't look at me like that. You got no right to judge.

Lexington: No, I'm not judging. I'm just -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm surprised. I mean, you're gay? I mean, how -- how have you managed to stay in the closet after all these years?

Cole: I think I've managed just fine. I'm one of the biggest-selling artists of all time. I got more money than I could ever spend. I got a great family. And you could've had it all, too, if you'd just figured out how to play it right.

Lexington: Yeah, maybe so. But it turns out, I'd rather be me than you.

According to the show, Cole’s wife, family, and public stance for traditional marriage are all just a ruse to line his pockets. Congratulations on being so boring and predictable. 

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