Canadian Singers Apologize for Group Member Saying 'All Lives Matter' at MLB All-Star Game

The controversy in this story is not so much that someone said something shocking. It’s more that what they said was in no way shocking and shouldn’t be controversial at all.

Yet, somehow is.

Here is how Slate described a Canadian singing group, who managed to work in an “All Lives Matter” shoutout when the group performed the Canadian national anthem at the MLB All-Star game:

“Under normal circumstances, the historically benign Canadian national anthem is the least controversial part of the epically dull MLB All-Star Game. On Tuesday night, however, the Tenors, the British Columbia-based group tasked with singing O Canada pregame at Petco Park, veered out of its lane and inserted the line “All Lives Matter” into the anthem, thereby injecting itself into the divisive national debate about police treatment of people of color.”

“Veered out of its lane?” Who has a lane anymore? With Carmelo Anthony leading a rebellion of athlete-activists, singers making militant BLM dance videos, and ESPN, ostensibly a sports channel, using up copious amounts of radio and television airtime to support and even recruit for Black Lives Matter. Who even has a lane? Would we even know where it is if it was there?

The article continues:

The Fox broadcast of the All-Star Game cut to commercial break during the Canadian anthem, so it was largely missed by American viewers. In Canadian broadcasts, during a solo, singer Remigio Pereira replaced the line “With glowing hearts we see thee rise/The True North strong and free!” with “We're all brothers and sisters/All lives matter to the great.” Pereira also held up a handwritten sign that read “All Lives Matter.” The rest of the group appeared to be confused and shakily restarted after the Pereira solo.

“It’s not clear whether Pereira completely understood the nuance of the message and what he was wading into, but I assume we’ll soon find out. The multi-platinum group quickly distanced itself from the political statement saying Pereira was a lone wolf.”

This is so beyond hilarity. “We’re sorry for the disrespectful and misguided judgment by one member of the group…” For what? Saying that the lives of all people have value and worth? This has to be apologized for? Someone saying this needs to be ostracized and labeled a “lone wolf?”

Are they apologizing for recognizing basic human value?

Yes, yes they are.

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