Andrea Mitchell: Jackie Robinson’s Integration of Baseball ‘Connected to Havana’ From the Start

Baseball is a game of stretches. The 7th inning stretch, pitching from the stretch…you get the picture. Though in the whole long storied history of the game. There might not have been a bigger stretch than this.

Since everyone is a baseball fan now, because of being friends with Cuba again, Andrea Mitchell tweeted out this gem earlier Tuesday:

Say what, now? True, the Dodgers once used Cuba as a spring training destination. They even did so in 1947, the year MLB integrated. But what in the name of Minnie Minoso does Jackie Robinson’s spring time stay at the Hotel Boston in Old Havana have to do with integrating baseball? Are they trying to imply that Robinson wouldn’t have integrated baseball, if it hadn’t been for Cuba?

Kind of a stretch. Even for baseball. Even for Andrea Mitchell.

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