NBC’s ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ Turns Men Into Grunting, Incompetent, Neanderthals

NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura provided us with yet another mystery on Wednesday night, titled “The Mystery of the Morning Jog.” But this time it wasn’t the solving of a super-intricate and deadly murder mystery. Oh no, this time Laura revealed a new and previously unknown grievance group: the men’s rights group.

What exactly is a men’s rights group? Or, in this case, the ‘Men’s Renaissance Association?’ Well, as you might suspect, they make it sound really bad:

Santiani: So deadbeat dad never sends child support. But he always has money for something called Men's Renaissance Association.

Bose: Ugh!

Santiani: Wait, you know them?

Bose: Yeah. A mentally questionable ex of mine is a member. They find broken men and tell them everything is a woman's fault. Take a look.

Santiani: Standing up for mankind. Oy.

Max: Hey, check out the new articles. "Hating on men. The new comedy craze." "Child support or extortion?" "How the media is turning women gay and men into wusses." I did not know that.

Santiani: So, this is the group that the ex-husband spends all of his money on?

Bose: Talk about a cliche.

Santiani” That explains why I am still single. The good ones are taken and the rest of them are in this photo.

Bose: "Nightly meetings, 7:00 P.M., men only."

For the record, it is well documented that the media is in fact turning men into wusses, as I documented myself earlier this week. However, shameless plug aside, it is not well documented that women are to blame for everything. Because, as any man with even casual experience with the opposite sex knows, it is he who is to blame for everything.

However, the pretty crystal clear implication from all this is that a “men’s rights group” is a collection of bitter, inept, and incompetent failures. Quite the opposite of the women’s rights movement, which is nothing less than a collection of the finest minds and most non-bitter, non-shrieking, easiest to get along with women that you’ve ever come across in your life.

In the next scene, the detectives infiltrate this meeting of male Cro-mags:


Leader: Alright, hang on brothers. Just cool down. This anger you feel, when you give in to it, you play right into the hands of the radical feminist agenda.

Broderick: Now I understand why Santiani sent us.

Soto: Right. Laura would have shot somebody by now.

Broderick: This huckster is raking in the money?

Leader: Our next speaker recently had a huge victory. Kurt Baronson, would you please come share?

Broderick: This is our guy. Maybe he will incriminate himself.

Soto: See, see, it was a good idea to stay and sit, right? Maybe even good enough for a Knicks ticket.

Kurt: Uh, thanks, yeah I am Kurt. My nightmare ex not only made my life a living hell but she, she tried to leave the country with my son and her new husband, who my son, by the way, now calls, "Dad." You know, in my life, I have felt lost, alone, even in my marriage. And then I found this. This brotherhood. And you guys told me to just wrestle my problem to the ground. Sack up, right? And so I did. I took action and now the universe has righted the wrong. My son isn't going anywhere and my problem is gone!

Soto: Sounds like he's talking about Dr. Silverman's death.

Kurt: Karma ain't a b*tch. He's a man and thanks to you, I am again, too.

Cool line about karma. Of course, the speaker gets arrested by the detectives right after his speech, because they think the freedom he’s describing is due to the fact that he murdered his ex-wife’s new husband. Which turns out to not be true. So, at least they didn’t make the “Men’s Renaissance Association,” a den of murderers.

Though they did make them appear to be a group of low-life ignoramuses who don’t like paying child support. Is that really what the left thinks the rallying cry of a men’s association would be? Not paying for your kids?

I have known many ignoramuses in my time. I can’t say I’ve known a lot of dead-beat dads. Why? Because that’s not something dudes advertise. Due to the fact that it is nether good, nor should it be a source of pride.

In fact, it’s something that in most circles would get you placed outside the circle. And in the circles where it’s acceptable to have kids and not pay child support, it’s acceptable largely due to leftist policies where the federal government inserts itself as a surrogate father by rewarding single-motherhood with various forms of public assistance.

Maybe if the politicians under the thumbs of radical feminists hadn’t destroyed the image of the American man by convincing everyone that men are nothing but raping, good for nothing, no child support paying, Neanderthals, men would need no Renaissance.

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