Spike Lee Ditches Oscars for Lack of Diversity; Opts for Least Diverse Major Sports League Instead

Spike Lee has made it well-known that he will refuse to attend the Oscars next month. Less well-known is what Spike intends to do with his time when he’s not at the Oscars.

According to Larry Brown Sports:

“During an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday, Lee said he will be in his usual courtside seat when the Knicks host the Heat the night of the Oscars.

“(On) Feb. 28th, we’ll be at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden,” Lee said, per David K. Li of Page Six. “I’m going to a Knicks game.”

Like actress Jada Pinkett Smith, Lee made it very clear recently that he is not attending the Oscars in protest after the Academy did not nominate an African-American actor or actress for a major award for the second consecutive year. However, he insisted he is not trying to organize a boycott.

“I have never used the word ‘boycott,'” Lee explained. “All I said was my beautiful wife Tonya, we’re not coming. That’s it, and I gave the reasons. I never used the word ‘boycott.’

“I’m not going. My wife’s not going. Everyone else can do what they want to do.”

Of course, there’s absolutely zero irony in the fact that Lee is declining to attend the Oscars, because of its lack of diversity, while at the same time deciding to attend what is the least diverse of the three major American sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball).

The NBA is 76% African-American, 19% of the remaining 24% are white. However, and I only bring this up because the left loves to bring up how few blacks in MLB are American-born, the majority of white players in the NBA are not American-born but are in fact either European, Canadian, or from New Zealand or Australia.

In short, with numbers like that, if the NBA were 76% white with the vast majority of the few black players in the league being foreign born, all of Spike Lee’s pals in Congress, movies, the media, and probably Lee himself would protest the league and demand that it “diversify” (get less white). The same way they’re demanding MLB diversify, even though Major League Baseball isn’t nearly as white as the NBA is black.

Not to mention the substantially larger Latino population in MLB.

So, in closing, boycotting the Oscars while using the NBA as a perch from which to protest a lack of diversity makes about as much sense as boycotting the Oscars and then choosing to vote in the Democrat Primary.

No word yet from Spike Lee on whether or not Spike Lee intends to boycott that.

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