College Football Player Apologizes for Tweet Comparing CFB to Slavery, But He’s Still Ridiculous

Florida Gators football player Jalen Tabor apologized for comparing the Southeastern Conference to a “Modern Form of Slavery.” Probably because it’s crazy.

In a Tweet that was later deleted, Tabor in response to reports that the SEC’s profits had soared 62% from 2014-2015, Tweeted the following:

Then, Tabor walked that back:

I’m conferring with multiple sources in order to determine the precise location of “far,” since Tabor seems convinced that’s where he went “to.” But in lieu of doing the grammatical work the University of Florida is apparently unwilling to do themselves, how about we address the rest of that Tweet?

Why is it that everyone’s go-to analogy for unpaid labor is slavery? Aren’t internships unpaid labor? Clerkships in local, state, and federal courts? Are they paid? Do interns and clerks believe they were slaves? Or did they accept unpaid labor in order to gain invaluable experience and skill and advance their careers?

Kind of like what college football players are doing right?

The other aspect of this insanity is the fact that slavery, by necessity, deprives people of free will. Something which all college football players have. To either start or stop playing at any ol’ time they choose.

But enough trying to make sense out of nonsense. About this “far” place…

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