TBS’s ‘The Detour’ Takes a Detour from Typical Leftist Humor … And Mocks Liberals

March 29th, 2017 9:19 AM

While it’s definitely not a family-friendly show, March 28th's episode of The Detour, “The Heat,” had a couple of hilarious moments mocking liberals that almost made up for the raunchiness of the rest of the show. The Detour centers around a not-so typical family as Jason Jones and Natalie Zea play parents Nate and Robin who take their kids on a road trip.

Nate is a bit more nefarious than first thought, and in the second season, we find him back home in New York, dealing with various law enforcement agencies for whatever crime he committed before taking his family on vacation.

Which leads us to Tuesday's episode. The family is being surveilled by “USPIS,” The United States Postal Inspection Service, as part of Nate’s criminal activities.

As Agent Edie interrogates Nate and Robin, the topic of Benjamin Franklin comes up which turns into a hilariously fantastic parody of the infamous Broadway play Hamilton. B. Frank pokes fun at Hamilton’s history, anachronisms, refusal to use any white characters, overpriced tickets and overrated performance (Warning: language)

It’s pretty surprising that a show on Ted Turner’s network would have the gall to say such sacrilegious things about the left’s beloved Hamilton! “I mean, it's really diverse. Like, almost distractingly so.”

Yes. Yes it is. We have the “NON-WHITE men and women” only (emphasis theirs) disclaimer that Hamilton’s casting department proudly displayed to thank for that! A fact that was brilliantly mocked in the parody, as the only white character in B. Frank was a concubine slave, also showing the absurdity of Hamilton’s revisionist history.

But the last two quips were particularly hilarious: “Didn't ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ do this like 40 years ago?” “I don't know what they're applauding, the anachronisms or the shitty rap.”

Actually, they did give us a bit of an encore as they surprisingly targeted the left’s tendency towards laughing at white stereotypes (while hypocritically decrying black ones) in another scene. As “USPIS” is keeping surveillance over Nate and Robin’s home, which is shown sitcom style as agents watch from a monitor as if viewing a television show, there is one “line” that sends the agents into fits of laughter:

Son: Hey. What are you guys talking about?

Robin: Well, uh, we were just discussing your father's vasectomy.

Daughter: Every man should get one. Why is it always up to the woman to get it? We don't do enough pushing a 10-pound bowling ball out of our vagina?

Nate: We've had some frank talks.

Daughter’s Black Friend: White people.

Agent: This shit should be on TBS. Very funny.

I agree! It should totally be on TBS! And thank God it is! What a nice change from the usual leftist humor, all while mocking their ridiculous political correctness and hypocrisy!