Hanoi Jane Wants to ‘Take Back Our Government’

Climate change, “actress/activists,” galas, what’s not to love?

At the 2018 EMA Benefit Gala, all these elements were brought together under the same roof, where there was much wailing and grinding of teeth. The nonprofit organization Environmental Media Association (EMA) honored Jane Fonda, actress Elizabeth Olsen, Snoop Dogg, and others with awards. In Fonda’s acceptance speech, she preached, “This is an existential crisis that we’re in.” She also made a sales pitch for the progressive vote, saying, “We have to do everything we can to take back the house in November. If anything can save us, it’s gonna be taking back our government.”

Fonda was introduced by actress Lily Tomlin as a “good citizen beyond her stardom” who has “taken whatever power she had to make an important and useful difference in the world.” In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Tomlin said, “Trump is dangerous … he’s unfortunately dangerous to the planet, if nothing else.”

Snoop Dogg performed on stage at the end of the evening, with an ad for vegan burgers behind him. I guess weed is pretty vegan.

The EMA’s CEO Debbie Levin warned the audience of the turmoils supposedly brought on by the (new?) administration, saying that the government was “poisoning our communications by buying their ability to tell lies.”


Jane Fonda

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