Rob Reiner Says Fighting Trump Is ‘Last Battle of the Civil War’

February 8th, 2018 10:34 AM

You really have to credit liberal celebrities for their attempts to dial back the vitriol and heal the differences between us. If only we could find some of those celebs.

Instead, we get director Rob Reiner who, in an acceptance speech for his Social Justice Award at the African American Film Critics Association Awards, referred to his issues with the current administration as the “last battle of the Civil War.”

In his speech, Reiner quickly moved to the topic of President Trump, bringing up warlike rhetoric to make his point: “But then he gets into office, and there are good people on both sides in Charlottesville, and there are people coming from shithole countries, and it goes on and on and you see the people that he hires that are in his administration, and we see that this now becomes the last battle of the Civil War.”

The director continued, villainizing conservatives and glorifying the liberal agenda:

“And we’re fighting it right now. And we’re going to win, we’re going to win, but we thought we were on this glidepath, we’ve been dragged back and we’re going to win because if we don’t win the promise of what this country started as, which is we are all one, we are all created equal, that promise will not be realized unless we can overcome what has happened in this last election. And I know we will.”   

Using the Civil War as a reference for the current administration has been a favorite strategy of the left in the media. ABC’s Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd said, on the morning of Donald Trump’s inauguration, that the United States was “as divided now as we were then,” in the Civil War.

Rob Reiner is no stranger to recycling tired liberal plot points to help build the media’s narrative. MSNBC brought the director on their program after the State of the Union, where he whined, “I feel bad for you, intelligent people like you and Rachel and Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace and Lawrence O’Donnell and Gene Robinson, you all have to sit there and talk about this guy as if he's a president.”