Rapper Cardi B Says Trump ‘Wishes Death’ On ‘Anybody Not White’

Ask any celeb in Hollywood and they will tell you: Trump as President might as well be the end of the world.

Female rapper Cardi B, best known for her 2017 chart-topper “Bodak Yellow,” recently made it clear where she stood in the political Hollywood spectrum. On her Instagram account, the pop star shared a screenshot of a tweet that wished the President was dead. In a comment on the post, the rapper wrote her own opinions, including “this man probably wishes anybody that is not white death.”

Belcalis Almanzar, otherwise known as Cardi B, shared this tweet: “Dear lord - you took Michael Jackson who was my favourite male singer, you took Whitney Huston who was my favourite female singer, you took Muhammad Ali who was my favourite boxer I just want you to know that Donald Trump is my favourite president. Amen.”

When someone asked the singer, “I know the man is most hated but why wish death on him?” Cardi B responded:

“Because he is destroying people family breaking them apart, No mercy ..why should i feel bad this man probably wishes anybody that is not white death. I bet if he can do what Hitler did HE FUCKING WILL … Soooo why should i feel bad before he sends this country too hell? This man is sooo thirsty to start war to kill thousand maybe millions of our soldiers and people from other countries FUCK HIM !!!!! This man have no soul HE DON’T FEEL BAD FOR ME NEITHER YOU!”

In a previous tweet, Cardi B stated, “Trump is soo disgusting !I hate him Soo much .Im starting to hate him with a fucking passion.” (typos her own)

Donald Trump

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