Loony Feminist Actress: #MeToo Movement is ‘Ushering in Sacred Matriarchy’

Feminism was meant to bring out equality, but apparently the term is being redefined by liberal Hollywood.

Divergent actress Shailene Woodley, in a gushy paragraph written on her Instagram account, about what the Golden Globes and the Time’s Up movement meant to her. Among other things, she wrote that “it meant that we are slowly learning to remove labels and stand united no matter what cloak we wear. It meant that we are slowly but surely ushering in sacred matriarchy.”

The spirituality of “ushering in sacred matriarchy” apparently also included “what it meant to wear responsible jewels” and “what it meant to witness that fiery truth Oprah shared in person while tears streamed down the cheeks of her audience.”  

Hollywood is great at acting, so it should come as no surprise that the waterworks started when Oprah gave her fluffy speech that fit into the liberal narrative while avoiding responsibility for allowing abusers like Harvey Weinstein to operate in the midst. Woodley also shared, “what it meant to see so many men standing tall & listening earnestly to women who for so long have been silenced-to see them genuinely care to help heal these scars both genders bare.” (spelling errors her own). James Franco wore a Time’s Up pin at the Golden Globes. The next day he was facing five accusations of harassment. How clueless Woodley can be?.

It’s interesting that Woodley used the term “matriarchy” to describe what she wanted from this movement. Most women would be happy with equality: after all, isn’t it counter-intuitive to say that men shouldn’t be in charge, but women should? Feminism isn’t really defined as a power-play for women, but does Hollywood interpret it as such?

“Competition, fear, ego, jealousy, comparison (all products of patriarchal conditioning),” Woodley opined. Do women have any natural flaws, do you think?

What’s scary is that Woodley has expressed a desire to run for public office. Heaven help us all.

Shailene Woodley

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