CBS Partners with Liberal Refinery29 to ‘Empower All Women,’ Except Conservatives

Can a news outlet claim to be fair and unbiased if it partners with a lefty feminist site? Short answer: no.

CBS This Morning announced on Nov. 14 that it is “partnering” with Refinery29 on a new series for millennials, “M[Y] Generation.” In a segment on Nov.15, co-founder and executive creative director of Refinery29, Piera Gelardi, told the CBS roundtable that “Refinery29 is a platform that’s really meant to celebrate and empower all women.” But the published history of Refinery29 articles indicates otherwise.

If you are a pro-life woman, you aren’t welcome at Refinery29. In an article that was supposed to portray pro-life women as positive, the site instead defined the life movement as, “in-your-face angry protestors outside abortion clinics waving pictures of dead fetuses.” The site also slammed crisis pregnancy centers as “deceptive and unregulated.” In an article written by the co-directors of Reproaction, a group dedicated to “increasing abortion access,” crisis pregnancy centers were blamed for “masquerad[ing] as reliable sources of medical information and assistance for pregnant women, while instead offering a front space for expressing opposition to abortion.”

According to Students For Life, there are two kinds of crisis pregnancy centers, neither of which count as “fake clinics.” These centers provide women in need with jobs, healthcare, and free housing as needed.

Refinery29 also gives voice to writers who celebrate “transgender celebration” cards and offers information on “how to contact your representatives and ask them to defend reproductive rights.”

Women who disagree with liberal Hollywood don’t belong either. The entertainment world regularly turns to Refinery29 to publish its political views. Actress Ariel Winter told Refinery29 that “Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re being objectified and made to feel bad about ourselves.”

Were you one of the many women who voted for Donald Trump in 2016? Refinery29 doesn’t celebrate or empower you either. In a May article explaining the impeachment process, Refinery29 writer Andrea Gonzalez-Ramirez explained how Trump could be impeached.

“Legal analysts have said Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice — either by the Justice Department or Congress,” she wrote. “After all, this was one of the charges brought against Clinton (the other was perjury).”

These viewpoints clash with Refinery29’s mission statement, which calls for “optimism and inclusivity.” Instead,the outlet successfully alienates a wide spectrum of people. CBS’ alliance with it shows where the network stands on the political spectrum. (Hint: it’s to the left.)

In the first segment produced by both CBS and Refinery29, CBS journalist Bianna Golodryga asked millennials a group of questions, ignoring the questions on important issues like free speech and capitalism, and sticking to queries on just how entitled millennials are.    

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