Stevie Wonder Sings National Anthem and Kneels During It At The Same Time

October 25th, 2017 1:28 PM

When you play the national anthem just to protest it, you must be woke.

So Stevie Wonder gets points for doing both. At a concert, the singer both sang the national anthem and got down on both knees to make a political statement, according to the Daily Caller. “Let’s all be free,” he told the audience.

Apparently he stretched the length of the anthem to last for five minutes. He also altered some of the words: “And the home of the United States--of the united people of America. Not just some, but all. Feel me, feel me, Mr. President.”

He also said, “I’ve never seen the color of my skin, nor the color of your skin. Not to get political, because I don’t like to do that. It is time for the leader of this nation, the leaders in the varied political positions that they hold, the people, we as artists, all of us come together as a united people of these United States of America.”

The singer has knelt during the anthem at his concerts before, expressing solidarity with the members of the NFL who have also chosen to protest in this fashion.

When did kneeling become a means of protesting?