Sarah Silverman: ‘F**king Ashamed’ of Cops and ‘White Privilege’

Sarah Silverman is trying to reinvent herself as nonpartisan and a great bridge builder. However, she is incapable of doing anything other than spewing vulgar trash.

In a video released Monday as a trailer for her new Hulu series, I Love You, America, Silverman  bashed Americans dismissing her as part of the “Hollywood elite,” according to Hollywood Reporter. And, instead of steering away from divisive language, Silverman attacked cops for “ murdering unarmed black teenagers” and rants about “white privilege.”

After singing about how much she loves people, including a police officer, she stopped singing and ranted about “white privilege”:

“I mean that’s easy for me to say, I mean I can walk into any encounter with the police assuming that they are gonna serve and protect me. I mean that’s my luxury, that’s called white privilege. You know a few years ago I was sitting around and I go wow, there’s a real epidemic of cops murdering unarmed black teenagers. And then I realized, that’s not an epidemic, that’s how it’s always been. I’m just aware of it now because of social media. And I was so fucking ashamed. And fuck! I just want to be a good ally. How can I be a good ally?”

She then broke into song again, this time comparing liberals and conservatives: “I love you liberal bubble, I love you racist south.”

And just in case Americans forgot who Silverman is and what her comedy is about (hint: it’s not about love) while singing about the states and the cities that she loved, she called the Grand Canyon “America’s pussy.” In another lyric, she sang, “I love super hot guys and I love big fat pieces of shit.” At the same time, she hugged a smiling “hot guy” and pointed at a white, overweight male vaping, who seemed irritated at being labeled a “big fat piece of shit.”

At the end of the song, in case viewers forgot that Silverman once called for an overthrow of “mad king” Trump, she launched into a tongue-in-cheek rant about Trump voters.



“You know sometimes I just, I get really really mad at you and the stupid shit that you do. And how you vote for these rich fucks that just lie to your faces and then systematically rape you of your rights and your job and your healthcare and then you call me Hollywood elite?” Silverman insisted. “Dude, I’m from fucking New Hampshire. And you’re mad at me for wanting the best for you and for getting pissed when you vote against your own best interests? I’m caring about you: I’m condescending to you. . . oh.”

Ironically, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Sept.18, Silverman denied that her new show was about politics.

“But I’d say that the show is less about the politics of each day and more of this moment in time. It’s political just by virtue of being made in this moment in history. There isn’t anything that’s not political that’s being made right now, whether they know it or not,” she said. “I’m still me, but I’m trying to be as open as possible because unless our porcupine needles are down, change can’t happen. The goal is really to find a way to be funny that isn’t ‘We’re right and you’re wrong and we’re smart and you’re dumb,’ because I just think there’s enough of that.”

Based on the trailer, she failed.

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