Jezebel Mourns: ‘We Can’t Get Rid of’ Trump and Ivanka

July 10th, 2017 12:02 PM

[Editor’s Note: May contain offensive language]

The writers at Jezebel must have had a liberal melt-down last week that rivalled their forecast of the ice caps melting. It resulted in two diatribes against the easiest targets they could find: Donald and Ivanka Trump.

On Thursday, July 6, Jezebel contributor Stassa Edwards, instead of merely reporting on the fake news that Poland’s First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda refused to shake hands with President Donald Trump, reported on all the times that a European leader allegedly snubbed America’s POTUS. While Edwards admitted that “the slight was likely accidental,” she went on to call the cycle of handshakes and snubs the “Trumpian game of handshake.”

While the media is too keen to zoom in on the handshakes or lack thereof, Edwards had a different take on it: the whole thing is just too dominated by the patriarchy. She finds the situation “a nagging reminder that power is often little more than men playing at being stereotypes of being men.” Oh, ok. Politics has nothing to do with it. Clearly.

On Saturday, June 8, Lauren Evans posted a story titled: “Ivanka Takes Over for Her Father at G-20 Meeting, Reminding Us That We Can’t Get Rid of Her.” The article, detailing the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, called Ivanka an “apolitical socialite” who took her father’s place. But even that borders on fake news. Ivanka only took her father’s place for a minute while Trump stepped out.

Of course, Jezebel took offense. The writers there have loved taking shots at Ivanka, long before she ever became politically involved. To have her in the White House is just rubbing salt in the wounds.

Evans went a little farther, asking “What the fuck is Ivanka doing in the White House at all?” Really? You want to ask why the President’s daughter is living with her family? In that case, Jezebel writers should wonder why Malia and Sasha Obama, Chelsea Clinton, and the Bush girls were in the White House. Don’t just limit that question to the person you hate the most.

The ranting and raving continued. Even though the supposed Polish slight was definitely fake news, Edwards stated, “when women have slighted Trump there is something delicious about watching the embodiment of ego and power reduced to standing uncomfortably.” So this fake news provided some comfort for the suffering, struggling feminists at Jezebel.

While “racism and sexism remain” and the left has to deal with the White House’s “often cruel policies,” Edwards encouraged her fellow lunatics to take courage and hope from the fake news debacle. For her, “watching a tiny rupture on the surface is a reminder of the smallness of the man who loudly defends these ideologies.”

For Jezebel, these moments are “all we have.” Maybe the writers there need to get a life.