Star Damon Wayans Jr. Accuses America of Star-Spangled Supremacy

July 5th, 2017 9:43 AM

Guess what isn’t politically correct anymore? According to actor Damon Wayans Jr., celebrating Independence Day is “racist.”

Joining the hundreds of celebrities tweeting and posting about the American holiday yesterday, Wayans had his own unique twist on the occasion. “Happy white people proud of their racist ancestors day,” he posted on his page.

While the NY Daily News posted his comment that “joking isn’t illegal,” that tweet sure didn’t seem like a joke. If it could be construed as a funny, any humor his statement was supposed to have was hard to find. Almost as bad as finding any respect for the founders of this country. Where Wayans happily resides, living a privileged, wealthy, Hollywood lifestyle.

In the reply threads that crowded the tweet, Wayans said that his joke was “taken too personally” by his Twitter followers. Patriotism is now a virtue that is seen as taking things too personally, apparently. So laugh away, America. Any pride you have for being in this country should be flushed away so that you too can find posts like this amusing.