Ricky Gervais Strikes Again: Liberal Elite Are ‘Not the Enemy’

June 21st, 2017 3:43 PM

Ricky Gervais has decided to join the roundtable of comedians that tries to say something relevant about the current US government. His latest quip? “What really annoys me is that Trump has convinced his gang that the real enemy is the Hollywood liberal elite.”

In an interview with Vulture’s Stacey Wilson Hunt on June 21, the British comedian talked about his new movie, his best known character David Brent, and of course, politics. Specifically, American politics.

“There is no difference between fame and infamy,” he quipped in response to a question. “On The Apprentice, they say, “I will destroy anyone who stands in my way.” And now the host of The Apprentice is the president of the United States.” Implication? Did the president become the president through his infamy?

He also weighed in on guns, Kathy Griffin, and Hollywood. As all good liberals should. The outspoken atheist mocked both Christians and gun owners in one fell swoop: “Isn’t it funny that the people who think God will protect them are also the most likely to carry guns?” God helps those who help themselves, Mr. Gervais.

Somehow he brought a rant about Kathy Griffin back around to the same topic of guns. He defended Griffin by saying “What she did was bad art, but it was still just art. . . It was a visual statement.” Then he started to argue that Trump’s sons were worse than Kathy Griffin because they shot a leopard, and ended his statement with, “Just shut up and admit out loud, “I like shooting things.””

Finally, he wanted to make sure that the American public understood that the real enemy is, of course, Trump and his administration. Not the left-leaning media. “What really annoys me is that Trump has convinced his gang that the real enemy is the Hollywood liberal elite,” he said. It seems apparent that Mr. Gervais has not been exposed to the media in America, where the same message is being repeated like a broken record.

Somehow, the comedian thought he was breaking a new idea to the public. He ended his interview with the statement, “I’ve seen the messiah, and its me!”

Not really, Ricky Gervais.