Trevor Noah: 'Trump Is an African Dictator'

June 15th, 2017 9:15 AM

Trevor Noah is once again hoping that people won’t see him as an angry talk show host. He’s just here to offer some “perspective.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg,  the host of The Daily Show gave a synopsis of his life story and also explained what he brought to the Daily Show, formerly hosted by Jon Stewart.

“I can provide a different perspective,” he said. “I can come into a space and see Trump as neither good nor bad.” The comedian told Feinberg that he felt he was able to use his humor to diffuse the political situation. He also said that since he came from a different country, his “perspective is seeing something that everyone else is looking at and questioning it from a different standpoint.”

What are the results of this questioning? Noah told the reporter, “Trump is an African dictator. If he were on another continent he wouldn’t be having the stress he is having now.”

That’s right. Trevor Noah claimed he was unbiased on one hand, while implicitly comparing Trump to such rulers as Omar Al-Bashir and Robert Mugabe, dictators of African countries who led their governments to ruin and civil war. All the while, Noah told Feinberg that he was neither “liberal nor conservative.”

This should come as no surprise from the late night talk show that brought you the charming phrase, “apocalypse in a clown car,” to describe the Trump administration.

In the interview, he also told Feinberg that his reaction to Trump’s election in 2016 was “as honest as possible.” Just to brush up on history, after the results of the election were announced, Noah told the audience that this was “the end of the world,” and that he didn’t understand how the United States “could be this disorganized or this hateful.”

So much for perspective.