ABC Reconsiders 'Roseanne' Reboot Audience After Trump's Election

June 13th, 2017 12:35 PM

After an election year with a Republican president win, network television is finally rethinking its approach to entertainment media.

When ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey spoke at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival  Monday, she revealed that the upcoming reboot of Roseanne would allow comedian Roseanne Barr to “speak honestly” about the POTUS.

Following the country’s divide accompanying the 2016 election, Roseanne’s ability to speak to Trump voters is necessary to incorporate the rest of America back into ABC’s viewership, as opposed to favoring people on the coasts. In Dungey’s own words, “It’s a perfect time to have that voice back to talk about the realities now.”

Only now, with a Republican president, some media sources are rethinking their approach to the public. Dungey told the Hollywood Reporter that “What the election revealed was that there’s parts of our country that didn’t feel heard, that they didn’t have a voice.”

She added that “it was a big surprise to many people that the election turned out as it did.” It really was a shocking surprise to discover that the liberal media  have forgotten the reality that is the American public.

Barr expressed skepticism of the left during the 2016 presidential campaigns and this year, over her Twitter feed, she challenged the liberal agenda with such tweets as “Investigate Benghazi” as well as tweets against the Comey investigation. She has also been extremely pro-Israel in the past few years, defending the Zionist movement publicly. One can only hope that the new Roseanne show will address the other half of the country that for years has been ignored by the liberal media.