Pink Floyd Singer Depicts Trump As a Pig At Concert

June 2nd, 2017 12:45 PM

Roger Waters thinks Trump is “a piggy bank of war.” And he’s planning to tell the country.

The former Pink Floyd bassist and singer decided to take down Trump as a “despot, dictator, thief and ne’er do well” in his concert show “Us + Them,” set to tour the States. In the past, his lyrics have been aimed at Trump but at the same time, he has never reached this level of extreme political protest before. In a Rolling Stone review of the rehearsal, his antics were referenced to as “stunning.”

Some of his anti-Trump smut included an overwhelming amount of pictures and images photo-shopped to make Trump look like a pig, a member of the KKK, and a cross-dresser. Another stunt involved a mechanical pig with the words “piggy bank of war” on one side and an image of Trump on the other flying across the screen. “Fuck Trump” also ran across the screen in enormous letters.

In Waters’ own words: “It’s a lack of empathy that creates a true sociopath like Donald Trump.” So his plan is to fight this lack of empathy with straight-up vulgarity, disrespect, and unappetizing fare that rivals Kathy Griffin’s photo scandal. If anything, Waters’ concert is worse than Griffin’s photo, because while the photo was only one photo, the concert is at least an hour’s worth of graphic political propaganda that offers little entertainment or artistic value.

Instead, Waters planned on subjecting his audience to how he feels about the president, in yet another liberal attempt to classify Trump’s presidency as the end of the world as we know it. Or rather, as Waters put it, “We have to organize our love in such a way that it becomes a potent and powerful enough tour to resist their narcissism and their greed.”

Waters’ definition of love is not the common standard one would use. Even Rolling Stone was a bit overwhelmed by the display of anti-Trump paraphernalia that showed the artist’s hatred towards the president bordered on obsession. They called it “a stunning affront to the president.”

Waters calls this “an exercise in resistance.” Is it resistance, or is it hatred?