Celebrity Panel Calls Trump a 'Snake With a Comb-over' on 'Match Game'

August 22nd, 2016 1:14 AM

It's the eighth episode of the revamped left-wing version of The Match Show on ABC and what do we have tonight but the second mention of Donald Trump this season. 

The prompt was: "Princess Petunia is having a rotten day. She was supposed to kiss a frog to meet her prince, but instead she kissed a BLANK and got Donald Trump.”

The contestant said a dog, but the "celebrity" panel didn’t like that and one interjected, “You know, some of us like our dogs.”

Horatio Sanz answered, “A racist, idiotic slug,” which, of course, Rosie O’Donnell loved. She had already called Trump an “orange slug” in the premiere episode of The Match Game. Her answer was predictably lame, “I answered a damaged orange.” Wow, such a comedienne! Edie Falco also said orange. 

Isaac Mizrahi said, “A snake with a comb-over,” to which host Alec Baldwin chortled, “Some of the funniest answers I've ever heard on this show, but no matches so far!"

D.L. Hughley actually had a funny response. He said, “I started to say, ‘America goodbye...’” but ultimately his answer was “a Mexican.”

Sherri Shepherd rounded out the answers with “Ben Carson.”

Eight episodes in and we still haven’t had a question about Hillary - or Obama, for that matter. Any day now, I’m sure the celebrity panel will be itching to make jokes at the expense of those two.

Yeah, right!