Joe Biden Gets Standing Ovation at Oscars

Vice President Joe Biden stopped by the 88th Annual Academy Awards and was given a hero's welcome by a room of rich white liberals who no doubt want him to jump into the race for president. But as Joe admitted, “I’m the least qualified man here tonight!” He probably says that a lot...

Biden was there to introduce Lady Gaga’s performance of “Til it Happens to You,” nominated for Best Original Song, and promote his “It’s On Us” pledge to stop sexual assault. “Til It Happens to You” is a powerful song written (with Diane Warren) and performed by Lady Gaga (who calls herself a survivor of sexual assault) about rape, its aftereffects, and overcoming trauma. Unfortunately, it was made for the “documentary” “The Hunting Ground,” a widely discredited film that gives the false impression that there is a rape epidemic at America’s colleges and universities perpetuated by serial rapists

It is because of films like “The Hunting Ground” that women are not believed when they allege rape. The evidence against the rape stories featured in the film have been extensively covered, including the stories at Harvard University (including an open letter denouncing it from faculty), Columbia University (the mattress girl), and Florida State University (the Jameis Winston case). Rather than help women, sensationalizing incredible stories that turn out to be false only hurts true rape victims and makes it that much harder for them to come out and for justice to be served. Shame on them.

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