X-Files: 'You Can't Transform Into a Different Sex! That's Nuts!'

In the new X-Files episode "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster," the monster of the week is a horned lizard that transforms into a human and back. At one point the monster is hit by a former man who "transitioned last year" into a woman. Talking about it later, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) tries to explain what transgender means to Guy Mann (Rhys Darby), the human form of the lizard, and it does not compute.

Guy has the same reaction as most of us do: "What? You can't transform into a different sex! That's nuts!" But then he has hope that the same procedure can stop him from transforming between a lizard and a human. Sorry, doesn't work like that, says Mulder...



-Guy: Man, she hit like a man. 

-Mulder: That's because she used to be... Uh, she once... She's transgender. 

-Guy: What? You can't transform into a different sex! That's nuts! 

-Mulder: It's not nuts. It's actually a very common medical procedure. You don't need the surgery, technically... 

-Guy: Maybe that's what I could do! It's a cure! 

-Mulder: No. 

-Guy: Well, I've got to stop transforming. I'll do the surgery. 

-Mulder: Completely different. 

-Guy: I don't care how much it costs, I'll do it. 

-Mulder: They cut off your genitals. 

-Guy: Nah, I'll leave it. That's... That's a step too far, isn't it? 

-Mulder: Yeah.

Um, YEAH, cutting off your genitals is a step too far!

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