CBS News Caterwauls Over American Energy Success: ‘Rapidly Warming the Planet’

July 2nd, 2024 9:56 AM

Wherever American energy production and innovation are on the rise, legacy media stands in opposition yelling “stop.”

In a July 1 segment of CBS Mornings, Environmental correspondent Ben Tracy aired out the frustrations of climate activists upset over the rapid expansion of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production in the United States. During the segment, Tracy nearly entirely ignored the enormous benefits of cheap and abundant energy. This massive expansion comes despite the Biden Administration’s restrictive pause on new liquified oil and gas projects. Tracy reported this tremendous news for the American people as a negative, due to alleged ‘climate change.’ 

Tracy explained that the number of U.S. LNG export terminals is dramatically increasing. “This is one of eight operating LNG terminals in the U.S. Seven more are under construction. U.S. Capacity has more than tripled since 2018 and is expected to double again by 2030,” Tracy said.

He specifically noted this increase is all much to the dismay of the climate cult. “This unprecedented boom worries climate activists who call the new LNG plants carbon bombs,” Tracy lashed out. “Natural gas, while considered cleaner than coal, produces both carbon dioxide and methane emissions that are rapidly warming the planet.”

Tracy framed a new LNG plant as a “goliath” during an interview with a local landowner opposing its construction. 

The closest CBS Mornings came to acknowledging that our society desperately needs cheap and abundant energy sources like natural gas was when Tracy read one solitary comment by Venture Global LNG. “[T]he world needs more energy, specifically natural gas,” the company reportedly told CBS.

CBS also featured a brief clip from an interview with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm who defended Biden’s LNG pause. This is far from the only action Biden has taken to harm American energy. Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency recently passed a rule that CNN Climate Correspondent Bill Wehr said is designed to not only shutter existing coal plants, but also to place new burdens on new natural gas plants. The Biden Administration has also restricted drilling in Alaska, and reversed several of former President Donald Trump’s pro-energy executive orders.

Despite the success of LNG in the present, American Petroleum Institute CEO Mike Sommers has warned that there will be severe future ramifications to Biden’s decision to discourage investment in oil and gas production. 

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