Marc Morano on Biden Energy Agenda: 'Exact Opposite of Anything in the Interest of American National Security'

April 23rd, 2024 4:54 PM

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano spoke out against President Joe Biden’s decisions to slow down American energy production while potentially easing energy sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On the April 22 edition of Fox Business’ The Evening Edit, anchor Elizabeth MacDonald told Morano that a recent foreign aid bill passed by Congress includes “fine print” suggesting that Biden doesn’t have to enforce sanctions on Iranian oil. “What do you think of that fine print there?” MacDonald asked.

Morano responded by blasting the administration for putting Americans last. “The fine print is just, I hate to say it, ‘Screw America,’ once again from this administration, especially on energy. They begged Venezuela, the Middle East for more and more oil, at the same time restricting our domestic energy,” Morano said. “When you look at what he's trying to do, you have to wonder, this is the exact opposite of anything in the interest of the United States national security.” 

Morano went on to say that these awful decisions would have to come from people blinded by an “ideology that believes shutting down American energy … somehow benefits the world.”

Later in the interview, MacDonald played a clip of Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) making a similar point about Biden’s Alaska drilling restrictions on the April 21 edition of CBS News’s Face the Nation

“This president won't sanction the Iranian oil and gas regime … but he has no problem sanctioning Alaska,” Sullivan decried. The senator pointed out the extent of Biden’s anti-energy push in his state: “This administration has issued 63 executive orders and executive actions singularly focused on Alaska to shut our state down.” Sullivan added that this decision would not only hurt Alaskans who benefit from the industry but would also hurt all Americans.

Beyond Biden “putting off limits thirteen million acres of land in Alaska” for oil drilling—as MacDonald said—he has also halted future liquified natural gas projects. Additionally, Biden reversed a number of former President Donald Trump’s pro-energy policies shortly after taking office.

Among other things, Biden rescinded the approval of the Keystone pipeline and put restrictions on the use of public land for energy extraction. He has been critical of the oil and gas sector for allegedly not making new investments while simultaneously demonstrating his leftist intent to phase out the industry through his actions and statements. 

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