Heritage Economist on Target Pride: DOJ Should be ‘Suing Them Into Oblivion’

May 10th, 2024 4:26 PM

Heritage Economist E.J. Antoni saw right through retailer Target’s attempt to once again push summer LGBT propaganda while avoiding a repeat of the backlash they faced in 2023. 

During the May 10 edition of Newsmax’s The National Report, Antoni ripped Target, which made headlines in 2023 for selling “pride” apparel from a Satanic designer and “pride” gear for children.

On May 9, Target published a statement on its 2024 “pride” collection, which the retailer said, “Will be available on Target.com and in select stores, based on historical sales performance.” While some celebrated that Target would place LGBT propaganda in fewer stores, Antoni was not appeased. 

“Well, let's be perfectly frank here, what Target has done and is continuing to do is nothing less than the sexualization of children,” he said. “It's a disgrace. If we had a DOJ in this country that was more concerned with protecting the innocent than prosecuting them, then they would be all over Target and would be suing them into oblivion.”

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In its statement, Target also promised to “continue to support LGBTQIA+ organizations year-round, including Human Rights Campaign, Family Equality and more.” Strikingly, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is a radical organization that applies ESG ratings to companies based on their willingness to embrace radical gender theory. 

The HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI) judges companies based on factors such as whether they included “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” in their nondiscrimination policies. It also questions whether companies have “trans-inclusive” bathrooms and “health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care.”

In 2022, the HRC gave Target a perfect CEI score of 100 but downgraded its perfect score to 95 for 2023. On their website, the HRC thanks Target and a number of other companies “for their generous support of the work of the Human Rights Campaign.” The HRC refers to Target as a “National Corporate Partner” and a “platinum partner,” the highest possible level of supporter. 

According to the anti-woke non-profit 1792 Exchange, “Target forces employees to undergo multiple ideological trainings and uses its reputation, corporate funds, and political influence to support controversial sex and gender ideologies, organizations, and legislation.” 

Target also uses “sex and gender ideology criteria” for hiring, choosing vendors and marketing. The 1792 Exchange also states that Target horrifically covers “transgender medical procedures for covered employees and dependents, including children.”

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