‘She Ought to Resign’: Hawley Targets Biden Cabinet Official Amid Stock Scandal

April 19th, 2024 5:42 PM

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) called for Biden administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to resign following a testy Senate hearing. 

During the April 17 edition of Fox News’s Hannity, Hawley told host Sean Hannity, that Granholm lied to Congress and cannot be trusted to regulate American energy. “She did lie to Congress, what she said Sean, is that she sold all of her shares, that she didn't own any stock in companies she regulates — not true,” Hawley told Hannity, after being asked about Granholm’s stock scandal.

“She later then… came back and said, ‘Oops, oops, I made a mistake I owned a bunch of stock, in a bunch of companies including Ford,’ who the Energy Department obviously regulates and oversees,” Hawley stated. 

Expanding on his remarks, Hawley added: “And she now expects us to buy that. Listen, it is a fact, Sean, an independent watchdog has found that she violated the law nine separate times and yet here she is still running the Energy Department, still trading stocks.” 

Hawley went on to call for her resignation, exclaiming, “I don't believe a word she says, she ought to resign. It is a disgrace that she is sitting there making money on the stock market off companies that she regulates when she’s supposed to be making energy safe and cheap for the American people.” 

During the April 16 hearing when Hawley confronted Granholm, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) questioned Granholm on whether the Biden administration supports the radical goal of reaching “net zero,” or drastically reducing carbon emissions. American energy, transportation, agriculture and construction depend heavily on fossil fuels such as oil and coal and fossil fuel products such as plastic and artificial fertilizer.

Lee also drew an admission from Granholm that the Biden Administration is anti-energy. When Lee asked her if the Biden administration supports making the country net-zero, Granholm admitted that the Biden administration supports a transition to net-zero. Days later, Granholm crowed in a post on X about a 20-state project to “accelerate America’s net-zero transition by 2050.” 

Lee also grilled Granholm on the absurdity of running away from cheap sources of energy like coal, while energy demand is rapidly increasing. After mentioning how developments such as new data centers lead to rising demand, Lee said, “Demand is soaring and it’s soaring at the same time when the premature retirement of coal-fired power generation units is happening. And it's happening without replacement dispatchable generation capabilities.”

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