Shapiro Rips Climate Czar John Kerry for ‘War’ Rhetoric

January 22nd, 2024 11:12 AM

The Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro let Biden Climate Czar John Kerry have it for his manipulative language at the World Economic Forum. 

Shapiro blasted Kerry for using “war” rhetoric to advance his climate agenda. During the Jan. 18 edition of The Ben Shapiro Show, Shapiro went after Kerry and the entire left: “There’s language that people on the left love to use when they are talking about controlling you and that is the language of war. The war on poverty is about controlling income. It is about controlling redistribution of wealth. The war on climate change is similarly about controlling exactly how you live your life.” 

Shapiro explained, “This is why people in politics are constantly eager to use war language because in a war, you have to put your entire population on rations. In a war, you get to draft people and put them in barracks. In a war, you get to take control of literally everybody at all times, day and night. This is why John Kerry is eager to talk about war. He compares climate change to fighting Hitler.”

During a brief portion of his speech at the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), Kerry told the audience: “I’m here again today because I’m convinced that the only way we win this battle is by stepping up exponentially from where we are today and begin to treat this fight almost as if we were at war" [Emphasis added].

Kerry clumsily claimed to hate war analogies, before telling listeners that the analogy between war and his climate change agenda was “apt.” Kerry went on to ridiculously bring World War II into his war analogy, “In WWII, when we needed to gain control over the skies, of the ocean and learn how to penetrate Hitler’s defenses in order to win the battle of freedom, it was mid-level techs who made a lot of decisions that actually helped win the war.”

What sort of actions does this war imagery provide cover for? In war, as Shapiro pointed out, the government can and often does ration food. Kerry has also spoken against emissions produced in the agricultural industry, suggesting that the people feeding the world are a serious part of a climate problem that needs to be solved.  

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