Levin: 'The Biden Administration Funneled Funds to the Palestinian Terrorists'

October 12th, 2023 12:10 PM

Levin lashed out at President Joe Biden for allegedly funding terrorism in the West Bank of Israel. 

During the Oct. 10 edition of The Mark Levin Show, radio host Mark Levin reported a court decision had allowed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for violating the Taylor Force Act had been allowed to move forward. “The Biden administration funneled funds to the Palestinian terrorists in violation of the Taylor Force Act which was passed by Congress [and] signed by President [Donald] Trump, and the basics are very simple, no longer will taxpayers’ money flow into these terrorist operations until they swear off terrorism, which they have not only failed to do, they’re doing it right now,” Levin stated, referencing Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel over the weekend. 

Levin continued, “And so when Joe Biden gets up: ‘We have your back, Israel’ it’s just like when he gets up and lies to the American people. Did he say today he was going to comply with the law and cut off the funding? No, he didn’t! Did he say today that he will cut off the money to the Palestinians? No, he did not! Did he say today that they will actually enforce, enforce the existing sanctions against Iran? He did not!”  

Levin went on to point out that Biden had also given vast sums through frozen assets to Iran, a key financial backer of Hamas, “Did he say that they would freeze the 6 billion dollars? He did not! But don’t worry Israel, he has your back, while you are fighting for your lives.” 

When Levin brought on a guest, Dan Diker, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs to discuss related issues, Diker laid out how Biden’s lawlessness is currently harming Israel. 

“The Taylor Force Act that has not been enforced, today the Palestinian Authority is issuing millions of shekels to the over 1,500 Hamas terrorists that invaded Israel and beheaded babies, murdered children using machetes, entire families,” Diker recounted. “Those Hamas terrorists are being now given lifetime annuities by the Palestinian Authority in contravention to U.S. law and in contravention to Israeli law. And I just mentioned that those laws in America have not been enforced properly even though they’ve been passed by Congress.” 

Levin agreed, while going after the media for not covering Biden’s violation of the Taylor Force Act. “Completely ignored by the American media because the American media on the one hand is ignorant and on the other hand is, pretends they’re rooting for Israel but for the most part are not,” He concluded. 

The Taylor Force Act, signed by President Trump in 2018, conditions American aid to the Palestinian Authority on an end to the government’s payments to the families of terrorists. According to a bipartisan petition to the State Department, the Palestinian Authority spends over $300 million annually on these payments, which incentivize terrorism.  As Diker pointed out, the recent terrorist massacres are no exception. 

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