Matt Walsh Rips Apple CEO for ‘Cringiest Corporate Virtue Signal of All Time’

September 15th, 2023 2:44 PM

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh ripped Apple for debuting a video bragging about its achievements to “Mother Nature” – a move he says possibly tops even Bud Light's woke advertising. 

Walsh responded to an embarrassing video posted by Apple CEO Tim Cook on X, formerly known as Twitter, on the Sept.14th edition of The Matt Walsh Show, saying it might be the “cringiest corporate virtue signal of all time” and possibly worse than Bud Light’s advertising.

After playing part of the video, Walsh panned the video for “uber-wokeness,” “wokeness on steroids” and “corporate woke virtual signaling” before mocking Tim Cook as a “company CEO groveling to Mother Nature.” 

Walsh boiled down the video, where Cook and others humbly present their green initiatives to their earth goddess, as a substitute for new ideas. Walsh said, “Before we play the clip, this is their event to roll out the iphone, we’re on the iPhone 15 now. It’s a cliche at this point to point this out, but its also true, that this thing is exactly the same as the iPhone 14, which is exactly the same as the iPhone 13 and the 12 and the 11,” before connecting it back to the video, “Its relevant to what you’re about to see because this is a company that is totally out of ideas.



“When was the last interesting, exciting innovation that we’ve seen from Apple? It’s been a very long time. They haven’t had any interesting ideas in many years, so the pitch for every new iPhone is basically just, ‘Hey remember the iPhone you have right now?  Well you should get this one, its exactly the same.’” Walsh added, before adding that Apple had to “look for other ways to get attention and to make themselves seem fresh,” suggesting that the “Mother Nature” skit was created for this purpose. 

Like his colleague, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, Walsh said the video revealed that “these people really are full-on pagans. I mean this is full-on paganism. This skit isn’t really a skit. Its more like the leftist version of a video you might play for kids at vacation bible school.” Walsh described the confused online reaction to the clip before continuing, “This is an expression of religious worship more than anything else.  Now it may not be entirely sincere from Apple, since they’re a soulless corporate behemoth, but that’s the idea.”  

Walsh ended the segment by sarcastically commending Apple for finally innovating, “when it comes to the realm of cringey corporate virtue signaling.” 

Conservatives are under attack! If you don’t want to be associated with an intellectually bankrupt company that virtue signals about pagan environmentalism and is infamous for censorship, consider looking for a company more in sync with your values.