Bongino Lashes Out at ‘Leftist Tyrants’ Over ‘Climate Emergency’

September 7th, 2023 9:54 AM

Dan Bongino was fired up as he responded to an article detailing present and future restrictions on Americans’ freedom and quality of life. 

On the September 5 edition of The Dan Bongino Show, Bongino shared a Wall Street Journal opinion article by columnist Andy Kessler with his listeners, which criticized the Biden administration for considering a climate emergency and warned that this line of thinking has already impacted the American way of life. Bongino said, “These are all the warning signs that something bad is going to happen and is going to be imposed upon you by nutjob, crazy, tyrannical, lunatic, leftist tyrants.”

Bongino went on to say, “They’re getting ready to declare a climate change emergency. Biden claimed in an interview that he has already declared one, with the weather channel,” before slamming the administration, “they have absolutely no authority to impose upon your civil liberties by doing this.”



Next, Bongino summed up Kessler’s critical analysis of Biden’s authority to declare a so-called climate emergency. “Here’s the kicker, folks, they’ve got to be explicit. This climate emergency is coming and your civil liberties are going,” Bongino said before adding, “There’s no legal basis whatsoever to impose this national climate emergency and impose upon people, violating their civil liberties. And yet they’re still talking about doing it, matter of fact Biden claimed he’d already did it in that interview with the weather channel.”

Bongino issued a dire warning, stating, “Folks, head on a swivel. I’m begging you to be prepared.” 

In the column itself, Kessler not only went after Biden and warned of a potential “climate emergency,” but also echoed many of the same points that Bongino has made in the past against climate alarmism. After discussing Biden’s recent flirtations with a “climate emergency,” Kessler made a very blunt statement, that “we’re living as if we’re already under emergency conditions.” 

Kessler broke down how the push to power the electrical grid with renewables and the effort to replace gasoline cars with electric cars. He notes the attacks on Americans’ quality of life through bans on gas stoves and plastic and regulations on restaurant owners. 

While these issues affect Americans in the present, Kessler also reminded viewers of more insane and punitive future environmentalist goals, like phasing out meat. 

Keep your head on a swivel. 

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