Bongino: ‘Nobody’s F’ed Over the Middle Class More Than Joe Biden’

August 28th, 2023 5:40 PM

Dan Bongino was not willing to stand by and ignore the massive contrast between Joe Biden’s statements on the economy and the actions and fruits of his administration’s policies. 

During the August 28th edition of The Dan Bongino Show, host Bongino brutalized Biden in reaction to a Biden propaganda video on the economy. “Nobody’s f’ed over the middle class more than Joe Biden, no one, and I am going to prove it to you.” He went on to provide specific examples of how the Biden administration’s environmental policies harm the American middle class in a variety of ways, including by making appliances they depend on more expensive.   

When Biden tried to contrast his record and plans with what he called “trickle-down economics,” Bongino responded by citing famed conservative economist, Thomas Sowell. “There is no such thing as trickle down economics, it is not a thing, there is no—you understand he’s making this up?” Bongino told his audience, before cutting to a video of Sowell denouncing left tilting at windmills. Sowell called “trickle-down economics” a “nonexistent theory that is constantly being attacked.” Bongino went even further calling it a “bullshit talking point Democrats use to make you think rich people are stealing your money.” 

Bongino emphasized that Biden is actively harming those he claims to advocate for, while also demonizing his opponents by going on about “trickle-down economics.” He mentioned that the Biden administration was going after ceiling fans, saying, “They’re going to do what they always do, set a new set of standards making them totally impractical to build, so they’re going to put thousands of people out of work and then people who can’t afford central air, who may cool their homes with ceiling fans, yeah you’re screwed too! But here’s your big warrior for the middle class!” 

Bongino wasn’t finished, bringing up the Biden administration going after gas stoves, before going through federal and state attempts to cajole Americans into changing their behavior or otherwise limiting their choices. He mockingly adding that these leftists are “the party of the middle class, no gas stoves, no gas cars, no ceiling fans, outdoor barbeques, they don’t want anything, but they’re the party of the middle class.”

Finally, Bongino laid into Biden for presiding over an economy that hurts the middle class saying that “your real wages went down,” before calling the president a “bullshit artist.” 

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