Mark Levin Goes After ‘Sickening Exploitation’ of Maui by Climate Change Nuts

August 22nd, 2023 12:31 PM

Conservative radio host Mark Levin eviscerated radical activists and local and state government in the wake of a disastrous Hawaii wildfires. 

Levin drew attention to the leftist narrative on the Maui wildfires. “The sickening exploitation by the Democrats and the left of what’s happened in Hawaii knows no bounds,” Levin remarked during the August 21st edition of The Mark Levin Show. “They say, ‘This is an example of climate change, we need to do more.’ No, it's an example of an electrical wire, apparently busting from its moorings and setting on fire the area around it that was dry.”

A number of leftists such as Hawaii Governor Josh Green (D) and insufferable MSNBC host Rachel Maddow have dubiously attributed the Maui destruction to “climate change.” An article by CNN Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy and another by NBC News Reporter Denise Chow push the same propaganda. Levin retorted that the fire was exacerbated by bad decisions such as not setting off the siren and improper investment by those responsible for providing resources to the island. 

Levin slammed those responsible for providing water and alerting locals of the fire for their fixation on climate politics. “Climate change, which bases virtually every energy component on electricity.” Levin added. “Like I said, the sickening irony is that it wasn’t gasoline. It wasn’t oil. It wasn’t coal. It was electricity, and that this utility was using its funds to try and address and accommodate the radical left and their climate change agenda rather than shoring up existing energy delivery systems.”

Levin repeatedly pointed out the obvious, that Hawaii is windy and isolated, before concluding with a dire warning about misplaced priorities. Levin told his audience, “They have all kinds of stuff going on out there, having nothing to do with climate change. And this is exactly why more people will die over the course of this climate change radical Marxist agenda because rather than address the true problems, they just keep funding utopia, and utopia is going to kill us.”

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