Bloomberg LP Insanely Boasts About Its Latest Anti-American ESG Push on Companies

April 25th, 2023 3:27 PM

Bloomberg Bloomberg LP is taking an outrageous victory lap by celebrating the pressure campaign it launched to infect corporate America with woke environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. 

Bloomberg LP released its 2022 Impact Report boasting about how it was slapping draconian ESG scores on 5,500 companies. Bloomberg claimed in an April 20 tweet that such actions were supposedly “building a more sustainable world.”  “In 2022, [Bloomberg Intelligence] provided analysis into carbon-transition trends, including identifying companies that are climate leaders and laggards,” bleated Bloomberg LP in its report. The analysis is a signal to investors that they should be seeking to invest in companies based on how woke their structures are. As Bloomberg LP stated in its report, “Bloomberg provides proprietary and third-party ESG scores that can be used to quickly and simply evaluate company performance across a range of ESG issues and compare against industry peers.” It continued: “The scores can be used in portfolio and index construction and by companies benchmarking their ESG performance and disclosure against peers.”

In addition, the report also celebrated its role in the closure of 70% of American coal mines through its radical “Beyond Coal” campaign. This is the second year that Bloomberg LP has shared an impact report with its subscriber base of 325,000.

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider responded to Bloomberg’s climate agitprop: "Michael Bloomberg and his reporters are some of the most disingenuous and hypocritical people in America. Not only have they pocketed huge sums of cash from their investment in energy companies, they also use the dirtiest heating oil in the world.” Schneider continued: “If they truly believed in the ESG movement, Mr. Bloomberg would give up control of his paper to a woke mobster and then stop using heating oil to keep warm in winter.”

Billionaire leftist owner of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg News, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, pontificated in the latest impact report how “‘[w]e aren’t nearly as far along as we should be in order to avoid the worst harms of climate change.’” Not to fear, said Bloomberg, “‘the right tools and support can help companies and policymakers pick up the pace — and at Bloomberg, we’re working harder than ever to provide them.’”  This is par for the course for the radical billionaire, who announced a $242 million pledge last year engineered towards crushing coal production in 10 developing countries. In 2019, Bloomberg pledged a whopping $500 million to wipe out coal and natural gas production in the U.S. His company, news agency and philanthropic arm, Bloomberg Philanthropies, are clearly being hard-wired to help the billionaire achieve his ridiculous green utopian pipe dream.

Schneider added: “Bloomberg has funded lots of left-wing causes. The good news to be optimistic about is that he always loses.” 

Bloomberg’s company empire is clearly not shy about its activist mission to hound companies to adopt ESG standards into their corporate structures.